Ethnik Ethik | about
Ethnik ethik is a online clothing store in Greence where you can hire theatre costumes along with this you can buy dog bags, bags, ethnik dresses | ethnik ethik is a online pet shop in Greece
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Welcome to my website!


You will see some of my new creations in bags, clothes and pet carriers.

As a costume designer for the theater, I enjoy making clothes that try to convey a personal message about one’s role on the stage of life.
And possibly thanks to my multicultural background, I am fascinated by ethnic fabrics which can be made into original clothes with historical designs, therefore defying space and time.

I also love to make clothes made-to-measure and I would be happy to make also accessories to meet your inspiration, so if you are ready for teamwork, do not hesitate to contact me so we can create together.

Thank you again for visiting my website, and do not hesitate to leave me your comments,

Sophie Panourgias